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Rubber Soul

In Our Life
The Beatles
Rubber Soul
Drive My Car
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
You Won't See Me
Nowhere Man
Think For Yourself
The Word
What Goes On
I'm Looking Through You
In My Life
If I Needed Someone
Run For Your Life
Rubber Folk
Drive My Car - Jim Moray
Norwegian Wood - Waterson:Carthy
You Won't See Me - Paul Brady
Nowhere Man - Chris While
Think For Yourself - Coope Boyes & Simpson
The Word - Johnny Dickinson
Michelle - Ralph McTell
What Goes On - Boo Hewerdine & Eddi Reader
Girl - John Tams
I'm Looking Through You - Martin Simpson
In My Life - June Tabor
Wait - Cara Dillon
If I Needed Someone - Show Of Hands
Run For Your Life - Spiers & Boden

Rubber Soul 1965
Parlophone PMC 1267 (Mono) 1965

side one

Drive My Car - Paul and John (with George) -
Paul on piano
Norwegian Wood (this bird has flown)
- John (with Paul) - George on sitar
You Won't See Me - Paul (with John
and George) - Paul on piano
Mel 'organ' Evans on Hammond
Nowhere Man - John and Paul and George
Think For Yourself - (Harrison) - George
(with John and Paul) - Paul on fuzz bass
The Word - John and Paul and George
- Paul on piano -George Martin harmonium
Michelle - Paul (with John and George)

side two

What Goes On - (Lennon/McCartney/Starkey)
- Ringo (with Paul and John)
Girl - John (with Paul and George)
I'm Looking Through You - Paul (with John)
Ringo on Hammond Organ
In My Life - John and Paul - George Martin on piano
Wait - John and Paul
If I Needed Someone - (Harrison) - George
(with John and Paul)
Run For Your Life - John (with Paul and George)

all titles composed Lennon - McCartney
(except Think For Yourself and
If I Needed Someone) George Harrison
Recording produced by George Martin
photography by Robert Freeman


side one

1. Drive My Car
2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
3. You Won't See Me  
4. Nowhere Man  
5. Think For Yourself
6. The Word 
7.  Michelle

side two

1. What Goes On
2. Girl 
3. I'm Looking Through You
4. In My Life 
5. Wait 
6. If I Needed Someone
7. Run For Your Life 

1965 Northern Songs.
    All Rights Reserved.
    International Copyright Secured.

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